SOLD – Vintage Randall Model # 8 with a special order 4-7/8″ blade !

  • Randall Model # 8
  • Condition – Excellent, unused, original Randall grind and finish, the knife has been stored out of the sheath.
  • Made – Early 70’s.
  • Blade – The blade is made of carbon steel and measures 4-7/8″ in length. The standard blade length on this model would be 4″, no doubt a special order request.
  • Hilt – Single nickel silver.
  • Spacers – There is a stack of seven spacers separating the hilt from the handle. Randall Made Knives used seven spacers at the hilt up to 1972 which helps date this knife.
  • Handle – The handle was fitted with a great looking piece of red stag which has right hand finger grips and three spacers at the duralumin butt cap.
  • Sheath – The sheath was made by Johnson and is of roughback design. The unique feature is the fact that it has an option to wear it horizontal on a belt, vertical or the conventional way of carry.
  • I put the knife in the sheath and the fit is snug after the keeper is snapped. If Your looking to add a very unique knife and sheath combination to Your collection this is it !
  • Thanks for viewing ! Steve Zimmerman
  • Knife was added to site 2/16/18


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