Randall Model # 18 – half tang – Purchased by a Sailor On the USS Enterprise in 1968.



  • Randall Model # 18
  • Purchased in 1968 and stored in a foot locker.
  • Blade – 7 1/2″ carbon steel with sawteeth. There’s a couple faint carbon spots.
  • Hilt – Double brass and drilled for a wrist thong.
  • Handle – Is hollow and made from stainless steel. The handle measure 4 13/16″ in length and has the tang sticking into the handle 1 3/4″.
  • Butt cap – The original was lost and now has a replacement.
  • Sheath – Johnson splitback sheath with large harness rivets at the throat.
  • Stone – Yellow print Combination Crystolon.
  • Extras – I recently purchased this knife from the original owner. The knife comes with the original Envelope addressed to the original owner while he was stationed on the USS Enterprise dated Oct. 1968. The 1968 Randall catalog that was shipped with the knife, the booklet is in excellent condition. The knife was shipped back to Randall in 1988 to have it cleaned and the handle changed to the newer brass screw type butt cap. Thankfully Gary Randall deterred the owner from making these changes. This letter is also included along with the Randall Knife catalog dated Feb. 28, 1988.


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