SOLD – Randall Model # 18 – 7 1/2″, FULL TANG !

  • Randall Model # 18 which was first introduced in 1963.
  • This knife appears to have been carried and remains in great condition for it’s age. I’m guessing this is one of the first year production model 18’s.
  • Blade – The carbon steel blade measure 7 9/16″ in length and has the very early blade grind and hand cut / uneven sawteeth. The blade has been sharpened and has the light typical carbon spotting and one very small “pit” in the middle of the logo side of the blade.
  • Hilt – Is made of brass and measures 3 1/4″ in width.
  • Handle – The hollow stainless handle measures 4 13/16″ in length and the tang comes 1/4″ to the end !
  • Butt cap – The cap is correct for this period. It has the correct stamping on the exterior 20 over 1 and Franklin made in the USA on the inside.
  • Sheath – Johnson splitback with large harness rivets at the mouth of the sheath.
  • Hone – The sheath didn’t have one in it when I bought the knife. I should have a blue print Combination Crystolon.
  • Full tang Model 18’s are one of the RAREST Randall Knives from this period and are impossible to find, definitely a center piece to any high end collection.
  • Thanks for viewing !
  • Steve Zimmerman


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