Randall Model #1-8″, early 70’s, rare riveted sheath and loaded with options ! – SOLD

SOLD – I have a great looking Randall Model # 1 for sale that was ordered in the early 70’s and heavily optioned. The knife has an 8″ stainless steel ( separate “S” ) blade that retains the original Randall grind and finish. Randall stamped the stainless steel blades with a separate stamp from 1967 – 1972 . The original owner’s name is etched on the blade – BARRY SERGE CARLTON. The handle is fitted with a double nickel silver hilt which has a stack of seven spacers separating it from the handle. The spacer stack is unusual due to the fact that the white spacer is against the stag, simple mishap which adds character. The handle is made of red stag and fitted with right hand finger grips. To finish off the handle there’s a duralumin butt cap which is drilled for a wrist thong. The knife comes in a special ordered Model “C” style riveted sheath. Rivets were an available option for a sheath up to 1972. The sheath has been dyed a dark brown color and has the original owner’s name barely visible on the back side. The sheath house a Norton SP-13 stone which is correct for this period.

These highly optioned Model # 1’s from the early 70’s are difficult to find these days and make for a great investment.

Thanks for viewing !

Steve Zimmerman



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