Sold -Randall Made Knives Model #18 -5-1/2″ Solingen Crutchtip

  • Randall Made Knives
  • Model #18
  • Condition – Carried/used
  • Made – Mid 60’s
  • Blade – Measures 5 3/4″, etched Randall Made Solingen, small “s” for stainless and has the vertical STAINLESS on the ricasso. The knife has been sharpened and has light sharpening scratches on both sides of the blade.
  • Hilt – Double brass
  • Handle – Pinched tube, made from stainless steel, it is hollow and comes with the correct rubber crutchtip (20/1). There is a fishing kit with the handle.
  • Sheath – Johnson roughback Model “C”.
  • Stone – Yellow print Combination Crystolon.


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