SOLD – Randall Made Knives Model # 1-8″, early 50’s Heiser

  • Randall Made Knives Model # 1
  • Made – Early 50’s.
  • Condition – Excellent.
  • Blade – The 8″blade retains the original Randall grind and finish with very light sheath insertion scratches and very light carbon spotting, no pits. The original owner’s name is etched on the blade – ROBERT JULIANO.
  • Hilt – Double brass.
  • Handle – 7 spacers at the hilt, an excellent red stag handle with optional right hand finger grips and optional butt cap that is peened.
  • Sheath – Made by Heiser with black painted snaps. The sheath is in excellent condition with minor age cracking on the keeper strap.
  • Stone – Solid white with no markings.


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