Randall Knife Model # 5 – 8″ separate “S”


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  • Randall Model # 5.
  • Made – 8-12-65.
  • Condition – Lightly used.
  • Blade – 8″ stainless steel. The knife has been lightly sharpened and has light sharpening scratches on both sides of the blade. The blade is etched with the original owner’s name – KEN YOUNG 8-12-65. Ken was one of the first “authorized” Randall Knife dealers and was located in Houston TX. Randall Made Knives stamped all the stainless blades in a two step process from 1967 -1972, these separate “S” knives are becoming very collectible.
  • Hilt – Single brass.
  • Handle – Red stag and flawless. There is an optional compass in the butt end.
  • Sheath – Correct period Johnson roughback Model “A”.
  • Hone – Yellow print Combination Crystolon.


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