SOLD – Randall Knife Model # 20, separate “S”

SOLD -I have available a Randall Model # 20 that was purchased in the early 70’s and put away. The knife and sheath are in mint / unused condition. The knife has a 4 1/4″ stainless steel blade which retains the original Randall grind and finish. The knife is fitted with a single brass hilt which has seven spacers separating the hilt from the handle. The red stag handle is spectacular with excellent amber and red highlights. The stag is flawless and was fitted perfectly to the tang of the knife. The knife comes with a Johnson roughback sheath and unused light blue print combination crystolon stone. Randall Knives with the separate “S” blade stamp are becoming quite collectable as they were only produced from 1967 – 1972. Thanks for viewing, Steve Zimmerman.


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