Randall Knife Model # 1 – 7″, with rare riveted sheath – MINT


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I have for sale a Randall Model # 1 that was made in the early 70’s and kept in excellent condition. The knife retains the original blade grind and finish with extremely faint sheath insertion scratches that can only be seen by turning the knife in the light. The knife has a double brass hilt which has three thick and two thin spacers separating the hilt from the handle. The handle is made from stacked leather and there’s a duralumin butt cap to finish off the handle. The Johnson roughback sheath is in fantastic condition as well, the keeper strap hasn’t even been bent or snapped in place. The Model “C” style sheath is very rare due to the fact that it’s riveted. Rivets could be added to a sheath as an option in the early 70’s. The sheath house a SP-13 Norton stone that is in mint condition as well. Once again a great knife to add to a higher end fighting knife collection. Thanks for viewing. Steve Zimmerman


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