SOLD- Bill Bagwell – stag handled fighter 9 3/8″


sold- I have for sale a very hard to find Bill Bagwell Fighter. The knife had a 9 3/8″ razor sharp blade. The blade has been sharpened and there appears to be a light dusting of what could be forging marks under the surface, they are very faint and the knife has to be turned to see them. Call this odd, the tip of the knife is magnetic, while measuring the blade the metal ruler was attracted to it. I took two pictures showing this with a red thumb tack and metal binder clip. The ricasso is stamped BAGWELL M.S. (master smith),with a blade thickness just over 1/4″ at the hilt. The hilt measures 2 13/16 in length and just over 1″ in width. The handle is made from red stag and measures 4 5/16″ in length and 1 1/4″ thick. It has a perfect drop at the butt end which feels like it was made to fit the hand. The butt end of the knife has a brass butt cap with file work on the edges. The sheath appears to be made from  rough leather and is expertly crafted with extensive beadwork. Thanks for viewing, Steve Zimmerman.


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